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Prepaid still going to be a mainstream in Indonesia for 2011

As I read in kompas.com, Indonesia cellular subscribers composition is still going to be dominated by prepaid subscribers. I am fully aware, that from a business perspective, companies should take the most profitting option available for the sake of the company’s interest, which is making money. But then again when the main stream is on the prepaid, wouldn’t cellular company be facing a tight and tough competition as all Indonesia cellular provider are making most money from prepaid subscribers. And to my opinion it is their own fault.

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And the mobile war begins

After receiving many skepticism, Microsoft is actually going at full speed in winning the mobile operating system market. Which is good. Many analyst seemed to forget, that Microsoft, as Steve Jobs said it, is after all a software company before read more

Experiencing ?iOS 4.0

After using ┬áiOS 4.0 on my 3GS, here’s the story of the experience:

  • Multi-Tasking is a short for “Breaking my home button even more faster”.
  • Multi-Tasking is far more to a recent apps used rather than a read more


iPhone 4 GREAT! FaceTime, A JOKE!

With all the wow factor in his keynote presentation, Steve gave away the iPhone 4 weakness, FaceTime.


First of all, I live in a country of corporate beast. They are far from having the iPhone affordable to all Indonesian. So, read more


Snow Leopard Experience

Despite all that ease and more intuitive operating system, I found that my USB modem got screwed by this new version of Apple’s new OS update/upgrade/whatever.

And mobile modem peripheral manufacturer such as Huawei, seemed reluctant read more


Welcoming Snow Leopard

Apple has yet done it again!

I know this post is rather late since the Snow Leopard was started shipping on August 28th 2009. But I just can’t help my to comment after reading so much review

As it gain lots and lots of praise from many established tech writer from Business Week up to PC Magazine, Snow Leopard seemed to bury the to be released 7 from the store next door.

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