What’s next in tech, people?

I attended a detikinet event called “ngopi bareng detik” with topic predicting the future technology coming or about to becoming in 2012. Despite of the interesting topic, the talk was rather dissapointing as it turns out to be a talk read more

Will Apple Help Education

The highly rumored Apple Event on January 19th 2012 turns out to be the introduction of Apple’s latest iBook 2 for the iPad titled “Reinventing textbooks” that hopefully will help teachers to provide better teaching materials. Where? In read more


2012 – Year of the copycat

CES 2012 has became an event of shameless rip off and lacking of innovations from the non-Apple side. Rather than telling Apple was wrong, WinTels manufacturers blatantly agreeing with what Apple has set out and without pride, adopting them into read more


iCloud, a flawed breakthrough.

Beneath the euphoria of the newly launched iPhone 4s, Apple has a big curse that seemed to stuck with them. They keep on failing to deliver a kicking ass cloud service. We heard them first as .Mac, which evolved into MobileMe, and lastly being read more