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Non-Jailbreak 3.1.2 firmware tethering

I really need help… I really enjoyed using my iPhone (3G) and loving it still. And having 3.1.2 update has been excelling the experience even more, as it gets more stable then 3.1.

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I am an Indonesian Telkomsel’s Halo subscriber, and I have no more complains…

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Finally TOLKEMSOL Yield!!!!

Yes, they finally yield! Yet, an 8GB iPhone 3G for 4 million rups with (once again they haven’t change this term) installment of Rp 650.000 per month, receiving 180 minutes of free talk (to all operator), 150 SMS to on net numbers, and 500MB data (which is ample enough as I barely use 100 MB per week) But as they have stated (and for GOD SAKE raise the price too)in their website it seemed that now people can buy iPhone 3G at a less outrageous price by becoming Halo subscribers.

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