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Prepaid still going to be a mainstream in Indonesia for 2011

As I read in kompas.com, Indonesia cellular subscribers composition is still going to be dominated by prepaid subscribers. I am fully aware, that from a business perspective, companies should take the most profitting option available for the sake of the company’s interest, which is making money. But then again when the main stream is on the prepaid, wouldn’t cellular company be facing a tight and tough competition as all Indonesia cellular provider are making most money from prepaid subscribers. And to my opinion it is their own fault.

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And the mobile war begins

After receiving many skepticism, Microsoft is actually going at full speed in winning the mobile operating system market. Which is good. Many analyst seemed to forget, that Microsoft, as Steve Jobs said it, is after all a software company before read more

Experiencing ?iOS 4.0

After using ┬áiOS 4.0 on my 3GS, here’s the story of the experience:

  • Multi-Tasking is a short for “Breaking my home button even more faster”.
  • Multi-Tasking is far more to a recent apps used rather than a read more


Who's winning the bet

As the year begins, Apple yet again kept on stunning the world, while Microsoft’s Zune yet to make its International appearance – as it is a rarity to see the device in Indonesia – and there’s hubbub on how WM read more


Whats next innovation?

Okay, so Apple has done it again. They innovate with what they have. Putting an OS X base software into a mobile phone device which serve a full internet browser (in which now began questionable since most web page detects access from mobile read more


A simple device would blog

This perhaps, will be the shortest entry I ever post. Out of irritation from e-mails n facebook people put showing their gadget narcism… Turns out even an old gadget can do stuff like the lat3st gadget… It’s either people were read more